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As you can see from this photograph of a recent club meeting, the So Wrong Book Club prides itself on being modern, progressive and always up-to-date!

If you’d like to be modern, progressive and always up-to-date too, enter your details in the little widget below.

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And as a member of the So Wrong Book Club you’ll ALWAYS BE WRONG FIRST because you’ll know about stuff like the following before anyone else even has a clue.

  • special offers
  • free stuff
  • amazing competitions
  • sneak peeks of upcoming books
  • fun things to download
  • access to our secret, hidden Member’s Only Shop (with special discounts and amazing bargains)
  • and all sorts of other delightful wrongness.

So join us now. We’re right here waiting for you.

Fat Mens Club

June 1, 2016

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