Our very first review

We, at So Wrong HQ are always keen to know what readers think of our books, so we asked a young fella who calls himself Jumping Joseph to read the unpublished manuscript. He gave us his hard-hitting feedback in the review above/below (which we’ve also translated below).



So Wrong!

Mitey Mikey

My favourite thing in the book was when the baby threw the nappy! Because it involved poo! I like anything with poo because it is gross! My favourite character is the baby. I like the baby because the baby is funny! Because poo is funny! I liked the Caterpooper story a lot!

Thank you for making it!

From Jumping Joseph

Thanks Jumping Joseph, your review really helped us to refine our processes and make So Wrong something even more enjoyable for readers. It also got us thinking hard about how to add more … um, poo … for next time.

June 7, 2016

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