FREEBIE – Mitey Mikey Cut-out Dress-up Paper Doll Thing

Okay crafty kids, this one’s for you.

What we have here is a Mitey Mikey paper cut-out doll and several pages of fun things he can be wearing and demonstrating to his audience.

The first page below has all the main stuff, including:

  • Mitey Mikey himself
  • his A-frame stand
  • a selection of his favourite items of clothing
  • and some of his most loved bits and pieces.

Below that are four sheets of little canvases you can actually put onto his A-frame. Some of these are very helpful, like reminders to yourself, and some are very silly, like a drawing of a nappy.

And if you scroll down even further, you’ll see our step-by-step guide to how put all of this amazing material together.

But first, all you have to do is print each page, then follow my instructions, and soon you will have your very own Mitey Mikey cut-out paper doll-thing.

1) just click the page below, print it and start carefully snipping.

MM dress up FINAL

2) Now click and print the pages for Mitey Mikey’s A-frame.

Some are blank so you can put whatever you like on them and there are some reminder sheets just in case you have a small problem of forgetting things.MM Sheets FINAL 2 reminders MM Sheets FINAL 22 pages MM Sheets FINAL 23 mini mind MM Sheets FINAL 24 blank

And here’s your step-by-step guide to how it’s done.

What you’ll need: the printed sheet, a nice piece of old cardboard (I used an empty cracker box), a pair of scissors and some glue.

01 What youll need

Then you carefully cut around all the dotted lines on the sheet. Watch out, it’s tricky.

03 snip

Once you’ve cut out the A-frame and it’s little white stand, you’re reading to assemble it. Don’t forget the snip the slots at the bottom of the A-frame and the stand.

04 Aframe06b 05 standing

Now you can paste Mitey Mikey and his stand to your piece of cardboard. Then, when it’s dry, cut them out again.

08 glued 11 cutting

Now slot the stand into place, curving it around at the back.

13 slots

14 upright

And suddenly he’s standing up straight.

15 walaThen you can put some canvases on his A-frame…

16 gret dressed

18 be good 19 b coloured

And do a fashion parade. Here, Mitey Mikey is modelling red shorts, a white shirt and a purple polka-dot tie…

20 fashion

… here he is in a pin-striped suit …

21 suit

… and now a top hat and delightful gold chain …

24 top hat

… and he’s sporting a more casual look.

23 casual look

And that’s it, you’ve just made the coolest paper doll ever!

June 27, 2016

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